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1801272 $1/1 Dreft Newborn OR Active Baby Detergent OR Dreft purtouch Detergent ETTS NVPR$1.50$1.50$1.5025107/27/2019
1801271 $1/1 Tide Simply pods or downy liq fabric conditioner 40lds or bounce or downy 60 ct or in wash boosters 4.3oz$2.50$2.25$2.0024108/10/2019
1801268 $2/1 Tide Detergent or Studio bt tide or tide antibacterial spray (Excludes Tide Pods, Tide Rescue, Tide Simply, Tide Simply Pods, Tide Detergent 10oz, and Trial/Travel Sizes) NVPR ETTS$2.85$2.75$2.6524107/27/2019
1801266 $1/1 SheaMoisture Bar Soap NVPR $1.50$1.50$1.50251010/31/2019
1801265 $5/2 SheaMoisture Products Minimum Spend $15 NVPR ETS$1.50$1.50$1.5025107/31/2019
1801264 $2/1 Dove Men+Care Foaming Body Wash ETTS NVPR $1.50$1.50$1.5025107/27/2019
1801263 $1.50/1 Dove Men+Care Bar or Body Wash ETTS NVPR $1.50$1.50$1.5025107/27/2019
1801262 $2/1 Benefiber product$1.50$1.50$1.5025108/16/2019
1801261 $3/1 Benefiber Healthy Balance Product$1.50$1.50$1.5025108/16/2019
1801260 $3/1 OTC Lamisil Cream Products$1.50$1.50$1.5025108/31/2019
1801259 $1.50/1 Love Beauty and Planet product ETTS NVPR$1.50$1.50$1.5025107/27/2019
1801258 $4/2 Love Beauty and Planet products ETTS NVPR$1.50$1.50$1.5025107/27/2019
1801257 B1 Love Beauty and Planet product G1 Liquid Hand Wash product FREE ETTS NVPR DND$1.50$1.50$1.5025107/27/2019
1801256 $1/1 Right Guard Product ETTS$1.50$1.50$1.5025107/27/2019
1801255 $3/1 Centrum MultiGummies 50ct+ $1.50$1.50$1.5025107/28/2019
1801254 $3/1 Centrum or Centrum Silver Multivitamin 50ct+ OR Centrum Multi+Probiotics Multivitamin 30ct ETTS$1.50$1.50$1.5025107/28/2019
1799925 10 FULL WHOLE INSERTS - 10 SmartSource from 7-7 - Free shipping with tracking$10.00$5.00$4.0024107/31/2019
1796087 $4/1 Gillette Razor OR Blade Refill 4ct or Larger NVPR ETTS$1.50$1.50$1.5018107/27/2019
1786292 $1/1 Turkey Hill Decadent Delights Novelty Bars or Parfaits Multipacks$1.50$1.50$1.5020108/3/2019
1786291 $1/1 Nature's Recipe True Treats Dog Treats$1.50$1.50$1.5020108/3/2019
1786275 $1/1 Benadryl 24ct or 4oz Product ETTS$1.50$1.50$1.5020107/27/2019
1786274 $2/1 Benadryl 48ct or 8oz Product ETTS$1.50$1.50$1.5020107/27/2019
1786273 $1/1 Topical Benadryl Product ETTS$1.50$1.50$1.5020107/27/2019
1786272 $1/1 Band-Aid Brand Skin-Flex, Tough Strips, Flexible Fabric, Infection Defense, Hydro Seal or Water Block product (Excludes Trial and Travel Sizes)$1.50$1.50$1.5020107/27/2019
1786271 $1/1 Neosporin +Pain Relief Ointment, +Burn Relief Ointment, OR +Pain, Itch, Scar Ointment Product$1.50$1.50$1.5020107/27/2019
1786270 $.50/1 Neosporin Original Ointment First Aid Product$1.50$1.50$1.5020107/27/2019
1786261 $1/4 Friskies Lil' Soups Wet Cat Food Complement any Variety$1.50$1.50$1.5020108/2/2019
1786260 $2/24 Friskies Wet Cat Food 5.5oz cans OR ONE 24 count Variety Pack any Variety$1.50$1.50$1.5020108/2/2019
1786259 $1/1 Friskies Dry Cat Food 16lb Bag any Variety$1.50$1.50$1.5020108/2/2019
1786258 $1/1 Friskies Party Mix Cat Treat Canister 20 or 30 oz any variety$1.50$1.50$1.5020109/2/2019
1786257 $2/6 Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers Wet Cat Food, 1.1 oz Trays any variety. $1.50$1.50$1.5020108/2/2019
1786256 $1/6 Purina Purely Fancy Feast Filets Wet Cat Food, SIX .80-.99 oz Pouches or ONE 6ct Variety Pack any variety. $1.50$1.50$1.5020108/2/2019
1786255 $2/12 Purina Fancy Feast Broths Wet Cat Food, Twelve 1.4 oz Pouches or ONE 12ct Variety Pack any variety. $1.50$1.50$1.5020108/2/2019
1786253 $2/1 Abreva Product $1.50$1.50$1.5020107/31/2019
1782402 $1/1 Skim Plus Half Gallon$1.50$1.50$1.5015108/11/2019
1782395 $3/3 The Pioneer Woman Dog Treats, any Size any Variety$1.50$1.50$1.5015108/19/2019
1782394 B1 The Pioneer Woman Dog Treats, G1 The Pioneer Woman Dog Treat FREE (up to $13.49)$1.50$1.50$1.5015108/19/2019
1782373 $3/1 PainBloc24 product (Pain Bloc 24)$1.50$1.50$1.5015107/30/2019
I'm Kelly from Michigan.  If paid by 10am; your order will ship that day, otherwise I ship the next business day after payment is received.

I'm new to the Fleamarket, but have been selling inserts for 7 years now and look forward into possibly selling clipped coupons in the near future. I try to keep my prices low to pass on the best savings to everyone.

Any questions, please ask.  If I don't have an insert or cipped listed your are looking for, ask I may have it but just haven't listed it yet.  I also sell bulk inserts, so if you are looking for more than I have listed feel free to send me a message and ask if I have them.  

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