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2011211 $3/1 Downy In Wash Scent Boosters 20.1-26.5oz includes Unstopables Fresh Protect Odor Protect Infusions Dreft Blissfuls Downy Defy Damage Beads 22.9-24.6oz (see description for details) "NO HOLDS-IMMEDIATE PAYMENT REQUIRED" P&G MAY (20)$2.25$1.99$1.89107205/29/2021
2011210 $2/1 Downy Liquid Fabric conditioner 120-174ld (see description for details) "NO HOLDS-IMMEDIATE PAYMENT REQUIRED" P&G MAY (20)$2.25$1.99$1.89106205/29/2021
2011207 $3/1 Tide Laundry Detergent 92oz+ Hygienic Clean 69oz+, Studio by Tide Laundry Detergent 75oz, Tide Pureclean Laundry Detergent 75oz+ (SEE BELOW DESCRIPTION) NVPR ETTS "NO HOLDS---immediate payment is required." P&G MAY (20)$8.99$8.79$8.5920205/29/2021
2011206 $2/1 Tide PODS Laundry Detergent 31ct or less (INCLUDES TIDE PODS 35CT) (SEE BELOW DESCRIPTION) NVPR ETTS "NO HOLDS---immediate payment is required." P&G MAY (20)$4.99$4.78$4.59103205/29/2021
2011205 $3/1 Tide PODS laundry Detergent 32ct+ (includes tide PODS 26ct or Tide Hygienic Clean Power PODS 21ct or larger) (SEE BELOW DESCRIPTION) NVPR ETTS "NO HOLDS---immediate payment is required." P&G MAY (20)$4.99$4.78$4.59106205/29/2021
2011203 $2/1 Tide laundry detergent (see description for full details) etts "NO HOLDS-IMMEDIATE PAYMENT REQUIRED" P&G MAY (20)$5.99$5.79$5.5995205/29/2021
2011186 Buy any one Dove Hand Wash product, get a Dove Hand Wash product FREE etts (up to $4.49) NVPR (B1G1 BOGO) (5/15)$2.25$1.99$1.8944205/15/2021
2011185 $4/2 TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner Products ETTS NVPR (5/15)$2.25$1.99$1.8942205/15/2021
2011183 $3/2 Dial OR Tone Body Wash, Bar Soap 6 Bar+ ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.8946205/16/2021
2011181 $2/1 Dial Body Wash 32oz ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.8945205/16/2021
2010609 $4/1 Skintimate, Schick Intuition, Schick Hydro Silk5, Schick Quattro for Women Razor or Refill or Schick Hydro Silk or Intuition f.a.b. Disposable Razor Pack NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8954205/15/2021
2010558 $4/1 Skintimate or Schick Disposable Razor Pack NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8949205/15/2021
2009683 $2/1 Fungi-Nail Product $2.25$1.99$1.8950205/31/2021
2009682 $5/1 Opti-Nail 2-in-1 Product ONLY$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/31/2021
2009681 $3/1 Opti-Nail Product $2.25$1.99$1.8950205/31/2021
2009680 $1/3 Chobani Probiotic Single-serve Yogurts 5.3oz DND Void in LA$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/22/2021
2009679 $1/2 Chobani Yogurt Multi-packs 24oz or 32oz Tubs DND Void in LA$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/22/2021
2009678 $2/3 Chobani Complete Single-serve Yogurts 5.3oz or 10oz shakes DND Void in LA$2.25$1.99$1.8948205/22/2021
2009677 $3/1 Bausch+Lomb Ocuvite Product$2.25$1.99$1.8950206/30/2021
2009676 $3/1 Preservision Bausch+Lomb $2.25$1.99$1.8950206/30/2021
2009675 $.50/1 bag of BLUE cat treats (Blue Buffalo)$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/29/2021
2009674 $1/2 Blue Tastefuls Cat Wet Food Cans (Blue Buffalo)$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/29/2021
2009672 $3/1 bag BLUE dry cat food (Blue Buffalo) $2.25$1.99$1.8949205/29/2021
2009671 $1.50/1 Jergens Product 3.4 oz product. (5/2 SS)$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/29/2021
2009670 $3/2 Jergens Body Butters or Skin Smoothies (5/2 SS)$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/29/2021
2009669 $1.50/1 Jergens Natural Glow Product (5/2 SS)$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/29/2021
2009668 $1/1 Listerine Mouthwash (500ml to 1L) OR any Listerine Ready Tabs (8ct or Larger)$2.25$1.99$1.8946205/30/2021
2009667 $1/1 Finish 8.45oz or 3ct tab Dishwasher Cleaner$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/29/2021
2009666 $1/1 Finish Jet Dry 3in1 Rinse Aid 8.45oz+$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/29/2021
2009665 $1/1 Finish Quantum 22ct, or Finish Max-in-1 28ct, Or Finish Deep Clean 38ct Dishwasher Detergent$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/29/2021
2009664 $4/2 Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Product ETTS DND$2.25$1.99$1.8950206/5/2021
2009663 $2/1 Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Product ETTS DND$2.25$1.99$1.8950206/5/2021
2009662 $5/2 Glucerna Product of your choice$2.25$1.99$1.8950206/13/2021
2009661 $4/2 Curel Moisturizer 13oz or Larger ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.8949205/31/2021
2009660 $2/1 Curel Moisturizer 13oz or Larger ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.8949205/31/2021
2009659 $1.25/1 Pilot Acroball pens 2-pk+$2.25$1.99$1.8950209/30/2021
2009658 $1/1 Pilot Frixion pens 2-pks+$2.25$1.99$1.8950209/30/2021
2009657 $1/1 Pilot G2 pens 4-pks+$2.25$1.99$1.8950209/30/2021
2009656 $1/1 Mitchum Antiperspirant & Deodorant (excluding Trial Size and twin pack)$2.25$1.99$1.8949205/15/2021
2009655 $4/1 Non-Drowsy Children's Claritin Chewables or RediTabs for Juniors 20ct+, or Syrup 4oz (excludes Claritin-D) $2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009654 $4/1 Non-Drowsy Claritin Or Children's Claritin 24 count or Larger (excludes Claritin-D)$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009652 $6/1 Zegerid OTC Product$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009649 $4/1 Non-Drowsy Claritin-D 15ct+ $2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009646 $2/1 Lotrimin AF Daily Prevention Product $2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009644 $.50/1 Palmolive Ultra Dish Liquid (18oz+) or Palmolive Ultra Spray Away Dish Spray (16.9oz) NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.8949205/15/2021
2009643 $.50/1 Egglands Egg-land's Eggland's Best Eggs (exp 8/2)$2.25$1.99$1.8947208/2/2021
2009642 $.50/1 Egglands Egg-land's Eggland's Best Cage Free Eggs (exp 8/2)$2.25$1.99$1.8950208/2/2021
2009641 $.50/1 Egglands Egg-land's Eggland's Best Organic Eggs (exp 8/2)$2.25$1.99$1.8950208/2/2021
2009640 $6/1 Biotrue (2 X 10oz) or Renu (2 X 12oz) Twin Pack$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/16/2021
2009639 $3/1 Renu 12oz, Biotrue 10oz, or any Boston (any size)$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/16/2021
2009638 $1/1 MiraLAX Product 10 count or Larger $2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009637 $1.50/1 Alka-Seltzer Product 16ct+$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009632 $2.50/2 Cantu Hair or Skin Product $2.25$1.99$1.8950205/31/2021
2009631 $1/1 Cantu Hair or Skin Product $2.25$1.99$1.8950205/31/2021
2009629 $2/1 Bayer Aspirin Product 200ct+$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009627 $1/1 Bayer Aspirin Product 50ct+$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009624 $1/1 Revlon Nail Polish$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/15/2021
2009623 $2/1 Revlon Lip Cosmetic$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/15/2021
2009620 $4/2 Garnier Nutrisse OR Color Reviver Haircolor Product NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/15/2021
2009619 $5/2 Garnier Olia haircolor Product NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/22/2021
2009618 $3/1 Maybelline New York Super Stay Face product NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.8950205/22/2021
2009617 $2/1 Maybelline New York Mascara NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.8949205/29/2021
2009616 $4/2 Maybelline New York Fit Me Products$2.25$1.99$1.8949205/29/2021
2009615 $1.50/1 Maybelline New York Fit Me! Product NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.8950205/22/2021
2009614 $2.50/1 L'Oreal Paris Mascara NVPR (l oreal loreal)$2.25$1.99$1.8949205/15/2021
2009613 $2/1 L'Oreal Paris Lip Products NVPR (loreal L oreal) $2.25$1.99$1.8949205/15/2021
2009612 $2/1 Loreal Paris Skincare or Sublime Bronze Product ETS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/15/2021
2009611 $2/1 L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Cosmetic Product NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/15/2021
2009610 $3/1 L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Skin Care product NVPR (loreal L oreal)$2.25$1.99$1.8948205/15/2021
2009609 $3/2 L'Oreal Paris Elvive Shampoo, Conditioner OR Advanced Hairstyle Products NVPR (loreal L oreal)$2.25$1.99$1.8942205/15/2021
2009608 $3/2 Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8946205/15/2021
2009607 $1/1 Garnier Fructis Styling Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/15/2021
2009606 $3/2 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment or Styling Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8946205/15/2021
2009605 B1 Fancy Feast Petites Wet Cat Food, G1 FREE BOGO B1g1 (up to $1.29)$2.25$1.99$1.8950207/2/2021
2009604 $2/1 Purina Fancy Feast Dry Cat Food any variety 3lb or Larger Bag$2.25$1.99$1.8950207/2/2021
2009602 Buy ONE 3lb-4.5lb package of Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food Get One 3lb-4.5lb package of Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food FREE Up to $6.29 BOGO B1G1$2.25$1.99$1.8942206/2/2021
2009601 $5/2 Boost Nutritional Drink Multipack or Canisters$2.25$1.99$1.8947206/27/2021
2009600 $3/1 Nature's Bounty Stress Comfort Gummy or Sleep3 Product Excluding 15ct$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009599 $2/1 Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Vitamin Or Supplement Product$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009598 $1/1 Nature's Bounty Vitamin or Supplement$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/30/2021
2009597 $1.50/1 Purina Beggin' 5oz or larger pouches of Dog Treats any size, and variety$2.25$1.99$1.8950208/2/2021
2009596 $3/1 Pure Protein Shake Multipack$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/31/2021
2009595 $3/1 Pure Protein Powder 1.6lb or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/31/2021
2009594 $2/1 Pure Protein Cookies Multipack or TWO Single Puffs$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/31/2021
2009593 $2/4 Pure Protein Pure Protein Single Bars or one Bar Multipack$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/31/2021
2009592 $5/1 Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health 70ct or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/16/2021
2009591 $7/1 Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Ease 28ct or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8945205/16/2021
2009589 $2/1 Purina Tidy Cats Naturally Strong Cat Litter any size, any variety$2.25$1.99$1.8950206/2/2021
2009588 $2/1 Purina Cat Chow, any variety 3.15lb+bag$2.25$1.99$1.8949206/2/2021
2009587 B1G1 FREE Purina Beneful Wet Dog Food 9-10 oz Tubs or 3ct/3oz Sleeves BOGO$2.25$1.99$1.8950206/2/2021
2009557 $5/2 Youtheory Products$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/31/2021
2009553 $3/2 Youtheory Products$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/31/2021
2009549 $4/1 Splenda Diabetes Care Shakes 6-pack$2.25$1.99$1.8950207/2/2021
2009538 B1 Sky Organics Curl Care Product G1 FREE ETTS NVPR (up to $10) BOGO B1G1$2.25$1.99$1.8949207/31/2021
2009536 $2/1 Sky Organics Product$2.25$1.99$1.8950207/31/2021
2009533 $5/1 Cosequin Joint Health Supplement for Dogs$2.25$1.99$1.8950207/31/2021
2009531 $2/1 Cosequin Joint Health Supplement for Cats$2.25$1.99$1.8950207/31/2021
2009528 $1.50/2 Lindor Products 5oz or greater$2.25$1.99$1.8950206/2/2021
2009525 $2/2 Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Products ETTS NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.8950205/15/2021
2009522 $3/1 Systane Lubricant Eye Drops (8ml OR Larger)$2.25$1.99$1.8950205/29/2021
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