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2011683 $3/1 Genteal Tears Eye Drops any size$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/5/2021
2011682 $5/1 Pataday Eye Allergy Itch Relief Drops$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/5/2021
2011681 $3/1 CeraVe Healing Ointment Product NVPR ETS$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011680 $3/1 CeraVe Itch Relief Product NVPR ETS$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011679 $3/1 CeraVe Sunscreen Product NVPR ETS$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011678 $2/1 CeraVe Product NVPR ETS$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011677 $1/1 Cantu Hair or Skin Product $2.25$1.99$1.8925205/31/2021
2011676 $2.50/2 Cantu Hair or Skin Product $2.25$1.99$1.8924205/31/2021
2011675 $2/1 Bayer Aspirin Product 200ct+$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/30/2021
2011674 $1/1 Bayer Aspirin Product 50ct+$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/30/2021
2011673 $6/1 Zegerid OTC Product $2.25$1.99$1.8925205/30/2021
2011672 $1/1 Phillips Laxative OR Fiber Good Gummies Product $2.25$1.99$1.8925205/30/2021
2011671 $1.25/1 Pilot Acroball pens 2-pk+$2.25$1.99$1.8925209/30/2021
2011670 $1/1 Pilot Frixion pens 2-pks+$2.25$1.99$1.8925209/30/2021
2011669 $1/1 Pilot G2 pens 4-pks+$2.25$1.99$1.8925209/30/2021
2011668 $.50/1 Egglands Egg-land's Eggland's Best Eggs $2.25$1.99$1.8925208/2/2021
2011667 $.50/1 Egglands Egg-land's Eggland's Best Organic Eggs $2.25$1.99$1.8925208/2/2021
2011666 $.50/1 Egglands Egg-land's Eggland's Best Cage Free Eggs $2.25$1.99$1.8925208/2/2021
2011665 $.35/1 Egglands Egg-land's Eggland's Best Hard-Cooked & Peeled Eggs or Cage Free or Organic Hard-Cooked & Peeled Eggs$2.25$1.99$1.8925208/2/2021
2011664 $.35/1 Egglands Egg-land's Eggland's Best Hard-Cooked & Peeled Eggs or Cage Free or Organic Hard-Cooked & Peeled Eggs$2.25$1.99$1.8925208/2/2021
2011663 $1.50/1 Alka-Seltzer product (16ct or Larger)$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/30/2021
2011662 $1/1 MiraLAX Product 10ct or larger$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/30/2021
2011661 $5/2 Glucerna Product of the choice$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/13/2021
2011660 $1.50/1 Jergens Natural Glow Product ETTS & Applicator Mitt$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011659 $3/2 Jergens Body Butters or Skin Smoothies $2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011658 $1.50/1 Jergens Product (3.4oz or Larger) $2.25$1.99$1.8922205/29/2021
2011657 $3/1 Revlon Face Cosmetic$2.25$1.99$1.8924205/15/2021
2011656 $2/1 Revlon Lip Cosmetic$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/15/2021
2011655 $3/1 Revlon EYE Cosmetic$2.25$1.99$1.8923205/15/2021
2011654 $1/1 Revlon Nail Polish$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/15/2021
2011653 $1/1 Mitchum Antiperspirant & Deodorant (excluding Trial Size and twin pack)$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/15/2021
2011652 $4/2 Curel Moisturizer 13oz or Larger ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/31/2021
2011651 $2/1 Curel Moisturizer 13oz or Larger ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/31/2021
2011650 $1/1 Listerine Mouthwash (500ml or Larger) OR any ONE Listerine Ready Tabs (8ct or Larger)$2.25$1.99$1.8924205/30/2021
2011649 $.50/1 bag BLUE Cat Treats (Blue Buffalo) $2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011648 $1/2 cans BLUE Tasteful Wet Cat Food (Blue Buffalo) $2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011647 $3/1 bag BLUE dry cat food (Blue Buffalo) $2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011646 $4/2 Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Products ETTS DND$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/5/2021
2011645 $2/1 Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Products ETTS DND$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/5/2021
2011644 $2/3 Chobani Complete Single Serve 5.3oz cups or 10oz shakes$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/22/2021
2011643 $1/2 Chobani Yogurt Multi-packs 24oz or 32oz Tubs$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/22/2021
2011642 $1/3 Chobani Probiotic single serve 5.3 oz cups $2.25$1.99$1.8925205/22/2021
2011630 $.50/1 Tide Simply Laundry Detergent 34oz- OR Tide Simply Pods 13ct OR ONE Downy liquid 40 ld, Bounce/Downy Sheets 40-60ct or Unstopables In Wash Scent Boosters 4.3oz NVPR *IMMEDIATE PAYMENT REQUIRED$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/12/2021
2011629 $1/1 Tide Simply Liquid Laundry Detergent 50oz+ or PODS 20ct+ ETTS NVPR $2.49$2.25$1.9924206/12/2021
2011628 $1/1 Gain Flings, Ultra Flings ,Liquid Detergent, Gain Sheets, Powder Detergent, Liquid Fabric Softener, Fireworks, or Sheets (see description for details) "NO HOLDS-IMMEDIATE PAYMENT REQUIRED$2.49$2.25$2.0022205/29/2021
2011625 $4/1 BIC Soleil, Bic Flex, OR Bic Hybrid Disposable Razor Pack or Bic Sensitive 2 10ct disposable razor pack ETTS DND NVPR ----NO HOLDS--- Immediate Payment required!---$3.49$3.25$2.9917205/22/2021
2011624 $3/1 Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent 165oz or larger, Flings 42ct+or Ultra Flings 21ct+, or Gain Fireworks In Wash Scent Boosters 20.1oz or larger$2.50$2.25$2.0013106/12/2021
2011621 $1/1 Luigis Luigi's Real Italian Ice (Valid on 24 Fl oz size or Larger)$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/13/2021
2011620 $3/1 Venus Razor NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8924206/5/2021
2011619 $3/1 Gillette Razor or Blade Refill 4ct or larger NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8919206/5/2021
2011618 $5/2 Ensure Multipack$2.25$1.99$1.8923206/13/2021
2011616 $1/1 Finish 8.45oz or 3ct tab Dishwasher Cleaner$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011615 $1/1 Finish Quantum 22ct Or Finish Max-in-1 28ct, Or Finish Deep Clean 36ct Dishwasher Detergent$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011614 $1/1 Finish Jet-Dry 3in1 Rinse Aid 8.45oz+$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2011111 $2/1 Dial Body Wash 32oz ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.8919205/16/2021
2011110 Buy one Dove Hand Wash product Get any one Dove Hand wash product FREE up to $4.49$2.25$1.99$1.8914205/15/2021
2009696 $3/2 Dial OR Tone Body Wash, Bar Soap 6 Bar+ ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.8915205/16/2021
2009694 $4/2 TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner Products 28oz ETTS NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.8921205/15/2021
2009692 Buy one Dove Hand Wash product Get any one Dove Hand wash product FREE up to $4.49$2.99$2.75$2.594205/15/2021
2009235 $5/2 Boost Nutritional Drink Multipack or Canisters$2.25$1.99$1.8921206/27/2021
2009173 $3/1 Nature's Bounty Stress Comfort Gummy or Sleep3 Product Excluding 15ct$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/30/2021
2009172 $2/1 Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Vitamin Or Supplement Product$2.25$1.99$1.8920205/30/2021
2009171 $1/1 Nature's Bounty Vitamin or Supplement$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/30/2021
2009170 $1.50/1 Purina Beggin' 5oz or larger pouches of Dog Treats any size, and variety$2.25$1.99$1.8925208/2/2021
2009169 $3/1 Pure Protein Powder 1.6lb or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/31/2021
2009168 $3/1 Pure Protein Shake Multipack$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/31/2021
2009167 $2/1 Pure Protein Cookies Multipack or TWO Single Puffs$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/31/2021
2009166 $2/4 Pure Protein Pure Protein Single Bars or one Bar Multipack$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/31/2021
2009165 $5/1 Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health 70ct or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/16/2021
2009164 $7/1 Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Ease 28ct or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/16/2021
2009162 $2/1 Purina Tidy Cats Naturally Strong Cat Litter any size, any variety$2.25$1.99$1.8923206/2/2021
2009161 $2/1 Purina Cat Chow, any variety 3.15lb+bag$2.25$1.99$1.8923206/2/2021
2009160 B1G1 FREE Purina Beneful Wet Dog Food 9-10 oz Tubs or 3ct/3oz Sleeves$2.25$1.99$1.8924206/2/2021
2009159 $5/1 Sunbeam Heat Therapy Product (priced $20 or more)$2.25$1.99$1.8923206/30/2021
2009158 $6/1 Clear Care OR Clear Care Plus Solution Twin Pack Only$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/12/2021
2009157 $3/1 Clear Care OR Clear Care Plus Solution 12oz or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/12/2021
2009156 $6/1 Opti-free Puremoist, Replenish, Express Solution Twin Pack Only$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/12/2021
2009155 $3/1 Opti-free Puremoist, Replenish, Express Solution 10oz or Larger$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/12/2021
2009154 $3/1 Systane Zaditor Eye Drops (5ml or Larger)$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2009153 $6/1 Systane Zadiator Eye Drops (Twin Pack Only)$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/26/2021
2009152 $6/1 Systane Lubricant Eye Drops (10ml Twin Pack Only)$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2009151 $3/1 Systane Lubricant Eye Drops (8ml OR Larger)$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/29/2021
2009150 $2/2 Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Products ETTS NVPR $2.25$1.99$1.8925205/15/2021
2009148 $1.50/2 Lindor Products 5oz or greater$2.25$1.99$1.8925206/2/2021
2009147 $3/1 Schwarzkopf Hair Color Product $2.25$1.99$1.8923205/16/2021
2009146 $3/2 Right Guard Xtreme Defense Antiperspirants and/or Deodorants OR Dry Idea Antiperspirants ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/16/2021
2009145 $1/1 Right Guard Sport Product ETTS$2.25$1.99$1.8923205/16/2021
2009144 $2/1 Dial Body Wash 32oz ETTS$2.99$2.75$2.652205/16/2021
2009142 $2/1 Cosequin Joint Health Supplement for Cats$2.25$1.99$1.8925207/31/2021
2009141 $5/1 Cosequin Joint Health Supplement for Dogs$2.25$1.99$1.8925207/31/2021
2009140 $2/1 Sky Organics Product$2.25$1.99$1.8925207/31/2021
2009139 B1 Sky Organics Curl Care Product G1 FREE ETTS NVPR (up to $10)$2.25$1.99$1.8925207/31/2021
2009135 $2/1 AXE Hair Product$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/15/2021
2009133 $1.50/1 AXE Stick Deodorant OR Body Spray ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/15/2021
2009132 $1.50/1 St. Ives Face or Hand and Body Lotion Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8924205/15/2021
2009131 2G1 Buy 2 get 1 FREE Suave body wash products (excludes 25.4 oz pump) ETTS NVPR max value $2.50$2.25$1.99$1.8924205/15/2021
2009130 $1/1 Caress, St. Ives or Lever 2000 Body Wash or Bar Soap 6pk+ ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/15/2021
2009129 $2/1 Dove Men+Care Hair Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8924205/15/2021
2009128 $1/1 Dove Men+Care Nature Inspired Body Wash Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8925205/15/2021
2009127 $1/1 Dove Men+Care Nature Inspired ANTIPERSPIRANT OR DEODORANT Product ETTS NVPR$2.25$1.99$1.8924205/15/2021
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