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2100694 $.40/1 Goya Maria Cookies 7oz + Not Valid in Puerto Rico$2.99$2.99$2.9922012/31/2022
2100607 $.60/1 Goya Coconut Product 13.5oz or larger excluding Coconut Water Not valid Puerto Rico$2.99$2.99$2.9932012/31/2022
2099915 $3/1 Splenda Diabetes Care Shakes 6 pack$2.45$1.99$1.8919201/31/2023
2099914 $3/1 Splenda Magic Baker 16oz Pouch $2.50$1.99$1.8919201/31/2023
2099913 $4/2 Splenda Sweetener Items (excludes 50ct)$2.50$1.99$1.8918201/31/2023
2099912 $1/1 Lindt Full Size Excellence Bar $2.50$1.99$1.89172012/11/2022
2099911 $1/1 Lindt Classic Recipe Bar $2.50$1.99$1.89172012/11/2022
2099909 $2/1 Fifth Season Premium Salad Kit$2.45$1.99$1.898201/15/2023
2099908 $1/1 Quilted Northern Bath Tissue, 6 Mega Roll or larger 1/1 Quilted Northern Toilet Paper $2.45$1.99$1.89152012/13/2022
2099606 $.55/1 Goya Adobo 8oz+ Not Valid in Puerto Rico$2.99$2.99$2.9972012/31/2022
2099605 $.60/1 Goya Green Olives 6.5 oz+ Not Valid in Puerto Rico$2.99$2.99$2.9972012/31/2022
2099602 $1.50/1 Excedrin product 24ct+$2.45$1.99$1.89142012/4/2022
2099601 $1.50/1 Advil or Advil PM Product 18ct or Larger $2.45$1.99$1.89122012/4/2022
2099600 $.75/1 Domino Golden Sugar Product$2.45$1.99$1.897201/8/2023
2099596 $2/1 Adult Motrin or Bengay product ETTS$2.50$1.99$1.89142012/11/2022
2099595 $1/1 Adult Tylenol ETTS $2.50$1.99$1.89142012/10/2022
2099594 $1.50/1 Sudafed or Children's Sudafed product$2.50$1.99$1.89142012/3/2022
2099578 $1.25/1 Country Crock Plant Based Product 10.5oz tub or 16oz Plant Butter Product or 500ml Plant Cream Product NVPR$2.50$1.99$1.8962012/10/2022
2099577 $3/2 Country Crock Plant Based 16oz/4 Count Sticks or larger Product NVPR$2.50$1.99$1.89102012/10/2022
2099558 $1/1 Benadryl Product ETTS$2.50$1.99$1.8992012/3/2022
2099553 $1/1 Tylenol Cold, Tylenol Sinus or Children's Tylenol Cold Product $2.50$1.99$1.89102012/3/2022
2097493 $2/1 Colace Product$2.50$1.99$1.89122012/4/2022
2097490 $3/1 Colace Clear 50mg$2.50$1.99$1.89122012/4/2022
2093740 $.55/1 Eggland's Best Organic Eggs (Egg-land's, Egglands) .55 Eggland Organic Eggs$2.45$1.99$1.8962012/11/2022
2093468 $1/1 Atkins Bar, Treat, Shake or Cookie Multipack or single bag of Protein Chips$2.45$1.99$1.89142012/31/2022

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