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2018999 $1/1 Gain Flings, Gain Sheets,Liquid Detergent, Powder Detergent, Liquid Fabric Softener, Fireworks, or Sheets (see description for details)$2.50$2.50$2.502207/3/2021
2018998 $2/1 Gain Flings, Ultra Flings ,Liquid Detergent, Essentials Oils, Powder Detergent, Sheets, Liquid Fabric Softener or Fireworks (see description for details)$3.75$3.75$3.752207/3/2021
2018997 $3/1 Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent 165oz or larger, Flings 42ct+or Ultra Flings 21ct+ or Gain Fireworks In Wash Scent Boosters 20.1oz or larger $3.75$3.75$3.752207/3/2021
2018996 $5/2 Loreal Superior Preference, Feria, Excellence, Root Precision or Magic Root Cover Up Haircolor Product$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2018995 $2/1 Loreal Superior Preference, Excellence, Feria, Root Precision or Magic Root Cover Up Product L'oreal $2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2018994 $3/2 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment or Dry Shampoo Products$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2018991 $1/1 Garnier Fructis Styling Product$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2018988 $3/2 Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Products$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2018979 $1/1 Fiesta Spices$2.50$2.50$2.504209/30/2021
2018978 $2.50/1 Pink Vitamin or Supplement Product$2.50$2.50$2.502208/13/2021
2018977 $2/1 Nature's Truth Vitamin OR Supplement Products$2.50$2.50$2.502208/13/2021
2018976 $2/1 Nature's Truth Gummy Products$2.50$2.50$2.502208/13/2021
2018975 $3/1 Gillette Blade Refill 4ct or Larger (Excludes Venus Products) NVPR ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502207/10/2021
2018974 $2/1 Adult Motrin Product ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502207/11/2021
2018973 $2/1 Adult Tylenol Product (Excludes Tylenol Cold & Sinus, or Tylenol PM or Simply Sleep Product or Trial/Travel Sizes)$2.50$2.50$2.502207/11/2021
2018972 $3/1 ROC Retinol Correxion Line Smoothing Skincare Product (Excludes Daily Cleansing Pads & 10ct Serum Capsules)$2.50$2.50$2.502208/15/2021
2018970 $3/1 ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Skincare Product $2.50$2.50$2.502208/15/2021
2018968 $3/1 ROC Retinol Correxion Revive + Glow or 5 in 1 Skincare Product (Excludes Gel Cleanser)$2.50$2.50$2.502208/15/2021
2018966 $1.50/1 (SheaMoisture- word does not appear on the coupon) Personal Wash product (Excludes bar soap, Lip Balm, Single use Packets, and Trial & Travel Sizes) NVPR ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2018965 $4/2 SheaMoisture Men's Products (Excludes bar soap, Lip Balm, Single use Packets, and Trial & Travel Sizes) NVPR ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2018963 $6/2 SheaMoisture Products (Excludes bar soap, Lip Balm, Single use Packets, and Trial & Travel Sizes) NVPR ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2018962 $6/2 SheaMoisture Face Products (Excludes bar soap, Lip Balm, Single use Packets, and Trial & Travel Sizes) NVPR ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2018951 $3/1 Bayer Aspirin Product 200ct+$2.50$2.50$2.502207/10/2021
2018949 $3/1 Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal OR Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair or Nail Renewal$2.50$2.50$2.5022012/30/2021
2018948 $2/1 Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair, Intensive Foot Repair Masks, Therapy Soak, Daily Defense Foot Wash$2.50$2.50$2.5022012/31/2021
2018947 $2/1 Tagamet HB 200 30ct OR Higher$2.50$2.50$2.502207/24/2021
2018946 $5/2 Coppertone Products (4oz or Larger) ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502207/10/2021
2018945 $2/1 Coppertone Products (4oz or Larger) ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502207/10/2021
2018943 B1G1 BoGo B0G0 Air Wick Scented Oil Starter Kit FREE$2.50$2.50$2.502206/27/2021
2018942 $3/1 Air Wick Essential Mist Starter Kit$2.50$2.50$2.502207/10/2021
2018941 $1.50/1 Air Wick Scented Oil Twin Refill $2.50$2.50$2.502207/10/2021
2018940 $2/1 Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Product$2.50$2.50$2.502207/10/2021
2018939 $3/1 Blink Contacts OR Blink-N-Clean Drops $2.50$2.50$2.502207/18/2021
2018938 $3/1 Blink Tears OR Blink Gel Tears Lubricating Eye Drops $2.50$2.50$2.502207/18/2021
2018937 $4/1 Acuvue RevitaLens Contact Lens Solution 10 oz$2.50$2.50$2.502207/18/2021
2018936 $6/1 Acuvue RevitaLens Contact Lens Solution 20oz$2.50$2.50$2.502207/18/2021
2018935 $1/1 Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17oz DND$2.50$2.50$2.504207/24/2021
2018934 $2/1 John Frieda product ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502207/24/2021
2018933 $1.50/1 Biore Product ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502207/24/2021
2018932 $2/1 Curel Product 6oz or Larger $2.50$2.50$2.502207/24/2021
2018931 $3/2 Ban Antiperspirant Deodorant ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502207/24/2021
2018930 $4/1 SOL by Jergens Product ETTS $2.50$2.50$2.502207/24/2021
2018929 $1.50/1 Jergens Product (3.4oz or Larger) $2.50$2.50$2.502207/24/2021
2018928 $1.50/1 Jergens Natural Glow Product ETTS $2.50$2.50$2.502207/24/2021
2018927 $5/1 Children's Allegra 8oz or 24ct Children's ODT Product$2.50$2.50$2.502207/3/2021
2018926 $1/1 Giovanni Rana Refrigerated Pasta Sauce$2.50$2.50$2.502209/5/2021
2018925 $1.50/1 Giovanni Rana Family Pasta$2.50$2.50$2.502209/5/2021
2018924 $4/1 One A Day Gummies Multivitamin Product$2.50$2.50$2.502206/27/2021
2018923 $3/1 One A Day Multivitamin Product 65 ct or larger OR any ONE A DAY Prenatal Product or ONE FruitBites product $2.50$2.50$2.502206/27/2021
2018921 B1G1 B0G0 BOGO Clairol Nice 'n Easy, Root Touch-Up Permanent, or Natural Instincts Hair Color FREE (Up To $7.99) (excludes Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color)$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2018920 $1/2 Pearl Milling Company or Aunt Jemima Products (not Valid on Cups)$2.50$2.50$2.502207/25/2021
2018919 $5/1 Allegra Allergy 24HR 24ct or Larger$2.50$2.50$2.002207/3/2021
2018918 $5/1 Allegra-D 12HR or 24HR Product $2.50$2.50$2.002207/3/2021
2017541 $2/1 PediaSure Multipack or Shake Mix$2.50$2.50$2.502207/6/2021
2017540 $.50/1 LA Looks-20oz, Salon Grafix, or VO5 Hot Oil Product ETTS DND$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017539 $.50/2 Alberto VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner DND (V05)$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017538 $2/1 Poise or ONE BY Poise Product (Pads or Liners) ( Not valid on 14-26 ct Liners, or 10 count Pads) ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2017535 $4/2 Ensure Multipacks$2.50$2.50$2.502207/18/2021
2017534 $3/1 Ensure Max Protein Multipack$2.50$2.50$2.502207/18/2021
2017533 $4/1 Schick Hydro Skin Comfort or Schick Quattro Titanium Razor or Refill (Excludes Schick Disposables) *Coated Blades $2.50$2.50$2.501206/26/2021
2017532 $4/1 Skintimate, Schick Hydro Silk, Schick Intuition, Schick Quattro for Women Razor or Refill $2.50$2.50$2.501206/26/2021
2017530 $1/1 Edge, Skintimate, Schick Hydro, OR Schick Xtreme Gel, Foam or Cream (Excludes 2oz and 2.75oz) NVPR$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2017529 $3/1 Dr. Scholl's Products ($5.95 or Higher) Dr Scholls $2.50$2.50$2.502207/15/2021
2017528 $5/1 Dr. Scholl's Product ($7.95 or Higher) Dr Scholls $2.50$2.50$2.502207/15/2021
2017527 $1/2 General Mills Cereals - Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Reese's Puffs, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams, Kix$2.50$2.50$2.502207/17/2021
2017526 $1/2 Cheerios Cereal any flavor/variety General Mills$2.50$2.50$2.502207/17/2021
2017525 $1/2 General Mills Cereals Listed- Chex, Fiber One, Multi Grain Cheerios, Wheaties, Basic 4, Raisin Nut Bran, Oatmeal Crisp, Total, Nature Valley Granola Pouches (in the cereal aisle)$2.50$2.50$2.502207/17/2021
2017524 $.60/3 Red Gold, Sacramento, Redpack and/or Huy Fong Tomato Products 10 oz + or Redneck Riviera 1776 BBQ Sauce 21-oz$2.50$2.50$2.502207/31/2021
2017521 $4/2 Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Products ETTS DND$2.50$2.50$2.502207/10/2021
2017520 $2/1 Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Product ETTS DND$2.50$2.50$2.502207/10/2021
2017518 $1/1 Fiji Water Multipack or Case Pack 330mL+$2.50$2.50$2.502208/6/2021
2017517 $1/1 Finish Quantum or Finish Max-in-1, Or Finish Deep Clean Dishwasher Detergent$2.50$2.50$2.502207/3/2021
2017516 $1/1 Finish Jet-Dry 3in1 Rinse Aid $2.50$2.50$2.502207/3/2021
2017515 $1/1 Finish Dishwasher Cleaner$2.50$2.50$2.502207/3/2021
2017514 $1/1 U by Kotex Pads or Liners (not valid on liners 14-22ct or Pads and Liners Trial size/travel packs)$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2017513 $1/1 U by Kotex Tampons (not valid on Trial size/travel packs)$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2017511 $2/5 Nature Valley Bars & Snacks, Mott's Fruit Flavored Snacks, Fruit Roll-Ups, Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks, Chex Mix, Bugles, Gardetto's, Fiber One/Protein One Bars, General Mills Cereal Treat bars, LARABAR Bars, :ratio (SEE LISTING FOR MORE$2.50$2.50$2.502207/31/2021
2017510 $2/1 Depend products 8ct+$2.50$2.50$2.502206/26/2021
2017508 $.50/1 Land O Lakes Eggs$2.50$2.50$2.502209/6/2021
2017507 $.50/1 Land O Lakes Eggs Cage Free OR Organic Varieties$2.50$2.50$2.502209/6/2021
2017506 B2G2 FREE Cesar Wholesome Bowls (up to $5.36)$2.50$2.50$2.502208/1/2021
2017504 $.75/1 Aquafresh Toothpaste 4.6oz+$2.50$2.50$2.502207/6/2021
2017503 $1.50/1 Aquafresh Toothpaste Twin or Triple Pack$2.50$2.50$2.502207/6/2021
2017502 $1.50/1 Excedrin 24ct or Larger$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017501 $1/1 Soft Scrub Abrasives ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017500 $1/1 Soft Scrub Toilet Bowl Cleaning Products ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017499 $3/1 Schwarzkopf Hair Color Product ETTS$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017497 $1/1 Listerine Mouthwash (500ml or Larger) OR any ONE Listerine Ready Tabs (8ct or Larger)$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017496 $5/1 Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Tablets 70ct or Larger$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017495 $5/1 Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Tablets 60ct or Smaller$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017491 $3/1 Nature's Bounty Brain, Health, OR Stress Comfort Supplement$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017490 $3/1 Nature's Bounty Immune 24 Hour+ Supplement$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017489 $3/1 Nature's Bounty Sleep3 Supplement (Excludes 15ct)$2.50$2.50$2.502207/4/2021
2017481 $3/1 Genteal Tears Eye Drops any size$2.50$2.50$2.502207/17/2021
2017480 $5/1 Pataday Eye Allergy Itch Relief Drops$2.50$2.50$2.502207/17/2021
2014770 $1/1 Chobani Coffee$2.50$2.50$2.502206/23/2021
2014769 $1/1 Chobani Coffee Creamer, Chobani Non-Dairy Oat Creamer, Chobani Oat Beverage Shelf Stable, Chobani Oat Beverage$2.50$2.50$2.502206/23/2021
2014768 $1/5 Chobani single-serve non-dairy products$2.50$2.50$2.502206/23/2021
2014766 $1/1 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color OR Top Coat including our NEW Miracle Gel Cruella Collection$2.50$2.50$2.502206/30/2021
2014761 $1.50/2 Summer's Eve External products $2.50$2.50$2.502207/3/2021
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My name is Sheila, I live in Upstate NY and I have LOVED couponing for years. I do love to hunt down a bargain!!  I started selling over 4 year or so ago but have always used coupons and understand the time sensitivity of receiving your coupons.
My goal is to provide a pleasureable buying & selling experience but first and foremost exceptional customer service. I will do my best to ship orders the same day, if not next day for sure. I have a post office open on Sundays in town, so I'm able to ship 7 days a week. (Update 04/19/20 Post Office closed on SUNDAYS due to the covid-19, will update when open)

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